Art Works

Holtzman’s Works (1912-1987):

Untitled, 1936, Harry Holtzman


Untitled, 1939, Harry Holtzman


Untitled, 1938, Harry Holtzman



Sculpture I, 1940, Harry Holtzman, Collection of The Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

 (Image: from left to right: Harry Holtzman standing with Piet Mondrian, Holtzman’s studio, New York City, 1941) Image copyright, Estate of Harry Holtzman 2012

Sculpture, 1941-42, Harry Holtzman, Collection of The Societe Anonyme Modernism for America Collection, Yale University Art Gallery.

Sculpture, 1983, Harry Holtzman, Painted oil on wood. Collection of The Estate of Harry Holtzman



This page of Harry Holtzman’s work is in progress,
We will be adding more images of Holtzman’s art work, paintings and sculpture.

Thank you for viewing! -The Estate of Harry Holtzman.


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